Hemisphere Bowl SOLD

Nov 12, 2015   //   by Jules   //   Ceramics  //  Comments Off on Hemisphere Bowl SOLD

Wishing for a beautiful decor form that is unique and distinctive? The Hemisphere Series is Jules’ most recent addition to her ceramic art collection. The earthly form is asymmetrical and she paints the images on freehand so no two are alike. The glassy crackled pool reflects the design on the inside base.

Designed and handcrafted by Jules Hunt, this is a stunning piece and truly elegant. A gift for someone special or a special gift for yourself.

Each handcrafted piece is a stylised form with inspiration from nature. Using handcart mid-fire stoneware clay, she intricately decorates each piece freehand to create her own distinct style.

$745  + p&h SOLD

  • Handcrafted by Jules Hunt in Byron Bay, Australia.
  • Stoneware clay sourced from the Central Coast NSW Australia.
  • Dimensions: 27cm high, 40cm wide and 25cm deep

As these are unique works we do not always have availability but are very happy to create and even personalise your new ceramic.IMG_8432

FullSizeRender Hemisphere bowl

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