Each of Jules’ handcrafted ceramic works are unique stylised forms with inspirations from nature, her finely crafted pieces are a treat for the eye, heart and soul. Using handcast earthenware clay, she carves intricately each tealight lantern freehand to create her own distinct style that is very recognisable as a “Jules Hunt”. Each comes with tealight and tealight tray ready to enjoy.

A timeless gift for someone special, or a special gift for yourself.

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britttylerlokitealightorbcatiiandre classiclakshmi vine blue lakshmi vine white PC100023-300x200 orb willow blue

orb vine lantern orb vine light greenandre celadon

andre catii pair


lakshmi lantern matt

lakshmi red


orb vine celadon

orb tealight lanternlupa vines white redlupa vineslupa retro